What Happened to 3Balls? Will Merging With GlobalGolf Affect the Customers?

Golf enthusiasts recently witnessed a significant change in the online retail landscape for golf equipment. 3Balls, a leading retailer of new and used golf gear, combined forces with Global Golf. This move, orchestrated under Global Value Commerce, Inc., marks a strategic shift aimed at enhancing customer experience and expanding product offerings in a growing market.

Key Takeaways

  • On February 21, 2024, 3balls is merging it’s online shopping operations with GlobalGolf.com
  • 3balls.com is now headquartered in Raleigh, NC and managed by the golf retailer Global Value Commerce.

More About GlobalGolf

what Happened to 3Balls - More About GlobalGolf

GlobalGolf operates as a leading entity in the online golf retail sector, offering an extensive range of new and previously played golf gear, accessories, and apparel. Owned by Global Value Commerce, Inc., it stands at the forefront of the re-commerce golf market in North America.

GlobalGolf’s reputation is built on a foundation of expert valuation of preowned products in the golf industry, ensuring customers receive quality items at competitive prices.

If you want to become a pro, getting the right equipment is essential, which is the main reason to only choose well-known online stores like this one.

Product Selection

GlobalGolf’s product lineup is vast, encompassing everything from the latest golf clubs to apparel and accessories. The company maintains partnerships with major golf brands, allowing it to offer a wide selection of previously played products alongside new items. This extensive range ensures golfers of all levels find exactly what they need to improve their game.

  • New Golf Gear: From the latest drivers to state-of-the-art putters, GlobalGolf offers the newest products on the market.
  • Pre Owned Equipment: A sustainable choice, the preowned section provides quality gear at reduced prices.
  • Apparel and Accessories: High-quality golf apparel and essential accessories are available to enhance the golfing experience.

Unique Online Services

GlobalGolf stands out for its innovative online services designed to improve customer satisfaction:

  • UTry®: This service allows customers to try new products before committing to a purchase, ensuring they find the perfect fit for their game.
  • UTrade-In®: Golfers can trade in their used equipment for store credit, making new purchases more affordable.
  • USelect®: A tool that assists in product selection, helping customers choose the right equipment based on their preferences and skill level.

Customer Loyalty Program

The UPerks® program rewards customers for shopping, trading in products, and reviewing purchases. Benefits include exclusive deals, early access to sales, and points that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

Commitment to Sustainability

GlobalGolf is dedicated to environmental sustainability, focusing on reducing waste and promoting the reuse of golf products. By offering a selection of previously played items, GlobalGolf extends the life of golf gear and reduces the environmental impact associated with the production of new equipment.

Fast and Reliable Shipping

GlobalGolf guarantees same-day shipping for orders placed before 3:00 PM Eastern Time, ensuring that golfers receive their gear as quickly as possible. With distribution centers in Raleigh, North Carolina; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the company is well-positioned to serve customers across North America efficiently.

What Will Merging With 3Balls Bring to Customers?

What Will Merging With 3Balls Bring to Customers

Under the umbrella of Global Value Commerce, Inc., a significant transition occurred with the merger of 3Balls and Global Golf, creating a unified online platform for golf enthusiasts. This merger, finalized on February 21, 2024, represents a strategic effort to streamline operations and enhance the shopping experience for golfers around the world.

According to Leonard Carrillo: “anyone with a 3Balls account can now log into GlobalGolf.com using the same credentials. It’s like having a VIP pass to a larger, more diverse golfing world.”

The Merger Explained

The union of 3Balls and Global Golf is not just a merging of two companies; it’s a thoughtful integration of two established online retail platforms. Both entities have been under the wing of Global Value Commerce since 2015, sharing a common vision to serve the golf community with a wide range of products, from new gear to preowned equipment.

Key Benefits for Customers

  • Unified Account System: Customers of 3Balls can now use their existing accounts on GlobalGolf.com. This seamless transition ensures that all purchase history and loyalty points are retained, now converted into GlobalCash.
  • Expanded Product Selection: The merger brings together the strengths of both platforms, offering a broader selection of golf equipment, apparel, and accessories.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Improvements in website usability, competitive pricing, and an expanded trade-in program aim to offer a superior shopping experience.

Strategic Advantages

This merger is set against the backdrop of a growing market that will raise by over 1.4 billion by 2027 . By combining forces, the new entity aims to capture a larger share of this market, leveraging technological advancements and the trend towards personalization in retail.

Loyalty Programs and Customer Incentives

The integration of loyalty programs under the GlobalGolf UPerks® program is a noteworthy aspect of the merger. This unified loyalty program promises enhanced benefits and rewards for customers, fostering a sense of community and customer loyalty.

Focus on Online Retail

Global golf - Focus on Online Retail

Despite the merger, GlobalGolf will continue to operate primarily online, emphasizing the importance of a digital-first approach in today’s retail landscape. The company is committed to enhancing the digital shopping experience, from improved website navigation to fast and reliable shipping.

The Bigger Picture

This merger is part of a larger trend in the golf industry towards consolidation and enhancement of customer experiences. It reflects a strategic response to evolving market demands and customer preferences, aiming to provide a one-stop-shop for all golfing needs.

Adjustments and Enhancements

Post-merger, significant efforts have been made to adjust pricing, improve product availability, and ensure a smooth transition for customers. These adjustments are expected to mitigate any temporary impacts on product availability and logistics, paving the way for a more streamlined and efficient operation.


How do I use my 3Balls account on GlobalGolf.com?

Customers with existing 3Balls accounts can log in to GlobalGolf.com using the same email and password. All purchase history and loyalty points, now converted to GlobalCash, are accessible on the GlobalGolf platform.

Will my loyalty points from 3Balls be honored on GlobalGolf?

Yes, all loyalty points from 3Balls accounts have been converted into GlobalCash as part of the GlobalGolf UPerks® program. Customers can use these points for discounts and special offers on the GlobalGolf site.

Can I still access exclusive deals from 3Balls on GlobalGolf?

Exclusive deals and promotions previously available on 3Balls are now accessible through GlobalGolf. The merger aims to offer a broader selection of products and competitive pricing, ensuring customers have access to the best deals.

What improvements can I expect from the GlobalGolf website post-merger?

Post-merger enhancements include improved website usability, more accurate product condition ratings, and an expanded trade-in program. These improvements are part of GlobalGolf’s commitment to providing a superior online shopping experience for golf enthusiasts.


The merger between 3Balls and Global Golf under Global Value Commerce, Inc. is a strategic move designed to enhance the shopping experience for golfers. By merging operations, the companies aim to offer a more comprehensive product selection, improved customer service, and a unified loyalty program. This transition not only reflects the evolving dynamics of the golf equipment market but also demonstrates a commitment to meeting the needs and preferences of the golfing community.